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GPS Tracking for Vintage and Classic Cars

(Low concessions rates for tracking your vehicle UK and abroad)

These pages will give you a background to a very special concession ONLY for Classic and Vintage vehicle owners. For a very small amount of money (around 20p a day) you can keep a secure eye on your pride and joy, you can replay routes your vehicle has taken, you can even monitor your position and the traffic around you on your smart-phone while out. You can even Geo-fence your garage so that it sends you an email when it is driven away from it normal parking place! Finally unlike most other sites we tell you the full price you pay, no hidden extras, no surcharges and just one month contracts.

Vehicle Tracking for Classic Cars

The scheme was originally set up by a long time volunteer at Brooklands Museum (who owns a vehicle tracking company) for fellow volunteers and friends of the museum. This came about after a spate of classic cars being stolen and tragically never recovered. Recently however, the service has been opened to ALL classic / vintage vehicle owners. There is just one condition to entitlement:- The unit being tracked is fitted in a Classic, Vintage, Post Vintage or Veteran Vehicle, that does less than 3000 miles a year. The vehicle can be a Car, a Van, a Truck, a Bus, a Motorbike in fact any form of road vehicle located almost anywhere in the world.

What does it do?
Our tracking device is a sophisticated twin aerial GPS / GPRS Transceiver system all enclosed in a single box, which is very easy to install. It reports your vehicle's location when parked and more frequently when moving. Its position is then displayed on maps (both satellite view and traditional view) and can be accessed by Smart Phone, Tablet or Computer. The devices are small (around 80x45x12 mm) and will fit vehicles with 10 to 30 volts (there is also a 6 volt option for older vehicles) and it works with negative, or positive earth.

Battery drain is around 40ma (status dependent) in standard format so a long standby is possible. It is also possible to use deep sleep mode where it will drop to some 10ma (@12volts) until someone wakes it up with movement. If the vehicle is going to be standing for many weeks there are two options you should consider:- The best being to set up a smart trickle charge both to keep the unit alive and to prolong the life of your battery. If that is not possible then it can be wired to ignition live, or the died side of the master switch, so it is only live when in use. Like this you will lose our hourly updates but, the unit will start to report in again when the power is applied.

The units are top quality commercial trackers supplied by MTS (My Tracking Service) and are the same as the ones used by fleet operators and some emergence services. Of course there is no GPS device you can buy that is totally guaranteed to protect your vehicle and any salesmen who tells you different is a liar! However, if the tracker is hidden discreetly away there is a very good chance it will give you a warning when it is moved without authorisation, along with the ability to see where it is being taken to.

Anything else?
The map server has the ability to 'Geo-fence' your home and send you an email when the vehicle leaves the Geo-fenced area. The map server can even be used on your phone to overlay Google's live traffic information around your location to see the quickest way home. The information including your routes and time at regular points along the way will be stored on our server for around 3 months, or you can download it and keep it forever.

If you are in a Car Club or any form of group of more than five vehicles, we can place you all on the same map, so you can see where each other's vehicles are at anytime. In the event you take your car abroad, or it is based somewhere else in Europe the system will track it just as it would in the UK

The one-off cost for purchasing the tracker itself is just £45 + £4 P&P (no VAT, or other extras). Then the only other cost is a single ongoing monthly usage charge of £6.50 (less than 21p a day). This charge includes all hosting charges, all airtime, map usage and license, plus seven days a week support and is paid monthly by Standing Order. There is no long-term contract to worry about and your contract can be cancelled at any time with 30 days' notice. Click here to purchase now online

Is it hard to fit?
Installation is straightforward with just a fused positive and negative feed required, plus during the day our phone support is there in the unlikely event you do get stuck. For all open vehicles (or those with glass sunroofs cloth, or fibreglass tops) under the vehicles centre console, or carpet is good. For saloons in the glove box, under the dashboard, or rear parcel shelf works well. We have yet to find a vehicle it does not work with (although we have never tried on inside a tank yet!).

Don't let a joy rider do this to you
Keep an eye on things with phone or computer

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